Fall in love with crochet: Autumn Patterns

I don’t know about you but my favorite season of the year is the autumn season.  Both the crisp colors and crisp smells bring me to a very peaceful place.

Since September is right around the corner I have been dreaming of all things fall crochet.  I have been browsing through different patterns that will be perfect to make for the upcoming fall season.  Here are a few images and patterns I have found to get you into the spirit of fall crochet!

Pinterest is where I find most of the patterns that I crochet.  This blanket below is no exception. What a beautiful design and what amazing fall colors! This pattern uses small square motif’s that are joined together to create a very beautiful blanket.


Beautiful Square Motif Blanket in Warm Tones

One of my favorite things to crochet are cup cozies.  Since there are so many different patterns and color options there are endless possibilities to create custom cup cozy designs. Here is an image of a candy corn cup cozy! This cozy shouldn’t be too hard to redesign without a written pattern.


This next pattern is a pattern that would be great for fall and winter! Crochet a couple of these up in different colors to suit what season inspires you.


Twist Headband

Another fall favorite is the half granny square shawl. If you have never tried crocheting a triangle shawl using the granny square stitch then the perfect time has just arrived.  As with the cup cozy there are endless color and design combinations available when crocheting one of these shawls.  You can also crochet this as big or as small as you want! Just stop when you like the length and the width.


Half Granny Square Shawl

I hope these patterns and images inspired you to fall in love with fall crochet! And I hope you try a few of these patterns out as I will do the same!

Happy Crocheting!

Janet P


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