Learn To Love The Single Crochet Stitch: Lets Make It Fun

One of my least favorite crochet stitches is the single crochet (sc) stitch.  If you are just beginning your crochet journey then this stitch is more likely than not the very first stitch you will learn. But once you have been crocheting for a while, even though this is an easy stitch it can get boring at times to crochet. The single crochet is a very short stitch in height so if you ever work up a project in just single crochets you will find out that your project may take a while to progress and that is one of the main reasons why I don’t enjoy using this stitch.  Another reason I dislike working in the single crochet is because the stitch doesn’t have much eye appeal.  Because of this lack of eye appeal I looked at different ways to use the single crochet stitch and I found one stitch pattern that I love!

This stitch pattern is called the linen/moss stitch.  This pattern only consists of single crochet stitches and chains.  I love the look of this stitch in a single continuous color but it looks amazing in rows of different colors as well. Here is my own swatch using a chunky yarn in a solid color.


Here is a swatch of just single crochet stitches in rows.


Here is a great tutorial on the linen stitch.  This tutorial shows you what the stitch looks like when each row is a different color.

Feel free to share with me any projects or swatches you make using this stitch!

Crochet Away!

JLPCraftyCreations by Janet Pippin


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