If you are interested in being a pattern tester please comment with your experience level, photos of your work (or link to facebook, blog, etsy etc.) where I can see your work.

If you are selected to test a specific pattern I will need feedback and photos within 5-7 days after you have received the pattern to test.

I will follow up with you once patterns are ready to be tested to see if you are available to test.  If you believe you are unable to complete the pattern test within the 5-7 days please do not accept the pattern to test.

What is involved in pattern testing?  

Pattern testing is when you try out the pattern and get back to me with your results.  You let me know if any section was confusing, if there were any typos, comment on the sizing if necessary, look for grammatical errors, keep an eye out for the interchanging of row and round (if a pattern is written in the round sometimes row can be written by mistake).


  • Always read through the pattern before beginning
  • You must use exactly the yarn (a different color in that yarn is fine) and hook stated in the pattern (you may substitute yarn and hook size if you still have some time after you initially tested the pattern as is. I’d love to see the results to that as well)
  • Please offer any suggestions you may have (in a respectful manner)
  • Pictures of your progress/finished item is a must
  • Let me know of any confusing areas or whether progress pictures should be added
  • Let me know of grammatical errors as well as if the font that the pattern is written in is easy to read

I am excited to get some of my patterns tested!